Breaking the Dog; Thoughts on Process and Preparation

10 Jun

When you train an animal to be invariably obedient, you should to put your furry friend through as many trying scenarios as possible to stress her level of focus and dedication. Break the dog early and often, on your own time. In the breaking you discover a new weakness and can thus prepare your beastie for success in the future, when it really matters. It’s a new idea for me, and one I’m quite fond of.

Dog-Training-1Making the jump from beast to process is pretty easy. If you’re developing a process, what might cause it to fail? If you’re banking on a plan, what might cause it to fail? If it’s going to fail, know early so you aren’t caught unaware holding an empty leash.

We try to make plans for the future.  We plan and anticipate success. Sometimes we anticipate failure and have a backup plan. There isn’t  a definite way to obfuscate all life’s failure attempts, but we can attempt to break the dog in our minds–  frequently and uniquely, so at the least, our emotions (those hairy things) don’t get the better of us, when we aren’t prepared.

That’s all.


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