Wednesday Notes to Remember

3 Apr

Showing up is half the battle.

Sometimes it’s everything. In academics and employment, professionals and educators share this general theme. Woody Allen famously quantified the effort of our success.

There may have been times over the past few weeks when doubt has been a friendly companion. In those moments it’s important to remember that showing up physically and mentally still counts. We may not have the action down, but there has been an attempt, and it’s noticed.

We’re all new to things. There are times we don’t have the answers to the questions, sometimes we don’t even understand the questions. Our entire life can be a “black swan” when we’re new.  It’s both horrifying and exciting. “Did I respond correctly?  Have I been helpful?”  But with each question and unknown, we make a strides forward and learn exactly what may be expected in the future. It’s okay to not know everything. What matters most is the attempt to know, and the attempt to serve.

Suit up and show up, the rest works itself out with time and attention.



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