Leaving on a Jet Plane

25 May

Leaving the city in twenty minutes.

This has been an absolutely amazing trip. The only thing I wish I’d had more of was sleep.

And I never managed to get to the strudel place. But I’ll find one  at home. I

can’t specify how amazing this whole experience was. I am sad to come home. back to the hum drum, the boring, the mudane day in day out. I’m happy to be coming back to Cameron, though. He’s the only thing i really missed.

going back to the same old, same old seems absolutely stifling. But I’ll do it. For now. Because I know that it isn’t everything. Two girls in my group are heading off to internships in other countries for the summer. Others have already had that experience and travel monthly with their “real jobs”. They are grad students, so I have hope.

I am so glad to know that the life i lead isn’t the end. The options are endless. The world really is only as big as a language barrier, and often not even that.

I should rest my head before this flight.



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