Thursday is the last day

24 May

I think one of the biggest things I have learned during this particular trip is that I can get lost anywhere. Map or no map. But the cool thing is, that no matter how turned around I am, i always find someone to help me or someway back on my own. I can handle it. Lost in a city with no one around who speaks English and we fumble our way through. I guess it’s not that big a deal, but its still a confidence builder.

Today armed with my camera, a map, headphone, my chucks and ambition, I set out to see the Birth of Photography exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts. It was fabulous. I still can’t get over the leave your purse in coatlocker and we’ll follow you around the museum aspect of Budapest. (is this a European thing?) But I managed to ignore them and carry on.  My initial attempt at finding the museum was fruitless, took the wrong train, ended up on the wrong side of Budapest where I got some cool pix of ground artwork…I don’t know why it was there, but some as disturbing, others cool I ignored the slightly brutish, racist drawings and left the area when I realized based on some writing that black women may not be welcome in that particular area.

Hopped on another train, took the subway and finally made it to my mecca.

Early photography was not considered an art. I guess I can see that. Then, in attempt to earn a place in the art world they made it looks like paintings, which confused photographies position even more. It was a long journey to be accepted into the Art Pantheon.

I was unable to take any pictures of the exhibit, but I did snag a post card of the leading lady.

As I didn’t post anything meaningful yesterday, I’ll briefly recap: Company meeting in the AM then free day for lunch and wandering again. This time roomie and I went to the Turkish Baths. That was aan interesting experience. They are housed in this magnificent building, the outside terrace is more like a swimming pool–you can smell the chlorine– but the inside, the water is warmer, the water is not chlorinated that we could tell, and you float a bit more with the minerals. The water is slightly yellowish green, and we are desperately hoping its just due to the minerals. I am sure it is. But we had a laugh about it. People don’t swim there. They sit. They talk, or sleep, but mostly just sit and watch. It felt like a mall hang out spot. very relaxed, very comfortable. We were silly and forgot to take towels so we dripped dried back into the communal locker room. Women and Men split of course. Typical of European Style we all changed together though. Thank goodness for eating right and working out. Although, all shapes and sizes were slipping into two pieces whether the fabric wanted them too or not, so my level of fitness may not have been relevant to anything in that place.  And one poor chap, he couldn’t keep his speedo up for the life of him. falling in the back, way to low in the front. It must have been the tourist in me that wanted to giggle.

Dinner and a very relaxed early night at a place called Instant Which I hightly recommend if you ever visit this city. Very cool, very chill, lots of nice people and artwork to see.


Tonight is our last night. Group dinner and partying. Not gonna lie. We’re not sleeping. I’ll have awesome pictures of the sunrise. At 4:00am.



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