A brief list of observances/oddities

23 May
  • No laundry facility on premise
  • No laundry facility that offers same day or next day service in our area 3 days lead time
  • no hotel shampoo/conditioner/bar soap
  • i finally understand the “sandpaper” comment
  • room service folds your pjs
  • no kleenex or equivalent in the room
  • water is not free– decisions, decisions,water or beer–we have not been getting enough water this trip
  • wifi is sporadic, and not available in the hotel rooms…in the lobby sometimes
  • rain doesn’t slow anyone down
  • bikes everywhere.
  • European dogs are often off leash…because they are that good
  • pets allowed in a lot of cafe restaurant
  • pharmacy’s are super nice…everything is behind the counter
  • young people don’t seem to swim–it’s an elderly past time



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