Company visit and car ride thoughts

22 May

Company visit today. Raba. They’be been around since the 1800s manufacturing first trains and then automobile chassis and buses and eventually military equipment for Germany during the war. They don’t broadcast that part. But honestly it was a good management strategy at the time. Go where the wind blows, especially if going against it will mean the end of the company.
I don’t judge.
The company privatized in 92 and by 2004 it was doing well. They had restructured, focused their sales in three main divisions. They were profitable: 25,000 employees, strong stock on the BSE, and then came the recession. They laid off tons of people. 700 off the top, and people have been leaving ever since.

Currently they have 1100 some employees. The work conditions are hard and dark and hot. We visited the warehouse and watched the men working the steel. They don’t wear saftety gear. One man burned himself on the molten steel as we watched. It made me sad.

They have an older demographic for the workforce. Apparently its.hard to find do the heavy work of machining the steel into their respective parts. I imagine company morale is low.

The government has now bought the largest share of Raba, so I’m state owned again. I get the feeling the outlook is grim.
I have lots of ideas and commentary to work on for my paper. It should be enjoyable though.

The manager brought us all lunch which was a pleasant surprise. It was noted that he looked like the most interesting man in the world. No photos in the building though so you just talent word for it.

It’s a two hour drive back to Budapest. We’re all napping (professors and project leader included) and looking out the window at the gloominess of this day. The scenery is amazing.




And in this brief quiet, I feel a great affection for everyone in our study group. I’ve formulated a lot of opinions over the last week and despite all of my inner thoughts that I do not share, one thing I can definitely say is that this is a group of good people.

I’m glad to know them.


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