Sunday, Sunday so good to me

21 May

The beginging of anoher work week. I think this city is most of the groups favorite. It’s defintiely a lot bigger, but Budapest is so much nicer/more familiar culture wise. People are friendlier, we don’t have to worry quite as much about our purses as we did in Prague, and we are a bit more relaxed. Maybe this is due to the adrenaline of being abroad wearing off a little. We are getting a bit more sleep. That aways helps!

Saturday night was an early night for me. Dinner, a long shower and off to sleep. Being abroad wears you down. especially with the pace we are trying to maintain. We have all got a little bit of a cold coming on and we are trying our best to fight it off. The lack of water doesn’t help much. Water is not free of charge here. Neither are the rolls they put on the table. If you eat them, they show up on the bill. We learned that the hard way. Apparently they charge for ketchup, too. I don’t mind this. Just surprising when you don’t realize it at first. We have all the extras already figured into our prices at home. They charge ala carte here. Water is considered a soft drink, so it’s weird to order water and a beer, or water and a soda. The water bottles are small, so we’ve learned to ration them.

Yesterday was another full day of city touring. There is so much to see, honestly I was confused about where we were. We visited an awesome museum though on St. Andrew’s Island Ithink.  It featured the artwork of Margit Kovacs. She was a clay and ceramics artist from the mid 1900s. Loved her stuff. The rest of the group sort of ran through, but I made the museum employees actually work.

Apparently they have to follow you room to room to be sure you don’t take anything, or take photos. It felt very communist. Big brother is watching or something. I did my best to ignore it. Check out her stuff here .


We went shoppinging in that same little area. I bought the cutest Hungarian made gifts. I was following the “buy local” mentality and tried to avoid any big shops with commercially made products. I am quite pleased with my cache.

We ran into D.C. frat boys. I know that particular american tone anywhere. It was nice though, to see/hear other people from the homeland. One of then had been travelling for a few months. He’d just gotten to Europe from Australia and his buddies had come to see him. I wouldn’t have mind chatting with  him, but the group had other plans.

lots of cool things.


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