Where Thursday through Saturday merge

19 May

It’s hard to keep track of days. Today is Saturday which means yesterday was Friday whicn means we had 3 hours of sleep (those who slept) and spend the day driving into Slovakia for company visits with Volkswagon and then onward to our current locale of Budapest.  Slovakia was an interesting little town. I know there was more I was going to say about it, but it escapes me. It has more conservative architecture. The lunch was the only thing that has disappointed me thus far. The comany visit was interesting. It was more a tour than an actual meeting and discussion, but VW has an amazing warehouse.

They make 5 vehicles there: VW, Saab, Audi, Skoda, and the body of the porsche.

Interesting  fact: all VW SUVs with end location US are made there too.  It’s a very green business, reminded me of ikea upon first enterance: white tile everywhere, clean, trendy.

There are so many cool robots at work in the warehouse. driverless cars pulling supplies: reminded me of Walle. I liked the tour, it just wasn’t as much information about the direction of the business, the planning,  the people as I like. But since the main decisions are made in Germany I guess that makes sense.

Our host really was just a guide, far down the corporate food chain. They did have a nifty headphone system so we could all hear him talking. That was appreciated. Since we were functioning on no sleep (we had to be up at 3:30 to leave at 4:15) it’s all a bit fuzzy. NO photos were allowed. No watches, or cell phones either. They weren’t letting anything leave that building.

We went on a tour of Bratislava. Yes. It’s coming back to me now!

The highschool kids were collecting money for their graduation/drinking fund. It’s a typical rite of passage I guess. They don’t do bake sales, they don’t do car washes. Parents don’t pay annual dues to the school.  They grab noise makers, make posters, chant and walk the streets begging for money. It was a noisy sight to behold.

After all this, we spent another 3 hours in the bus driving to Budapest. Buda and Pest really are two separate sides of the city. It reminds me of the losers everytime I think of it now. “I’m Buda. This is Pest.”  yeah. sorry, lack of sleep….

We found money, checked into our room. (working AC in this one!) and wandered. There was food, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was! It was good though. I’m sure of that. Then more out and abouting.

Flaming shots, a slight misunderstanding due to lack of language,( funny to be on the receiving end of the frustration and grumpiness. Learn Hungarian!) entertainment, and a declined proposal for marriage at Alterego.

I get the feeling that people of African descendants are few and far between here. I am a commodity. It makes for entertaining chatter, and this guy was fascinated with my hair. He was super friendly though. Coming to Miami for business venture soon, and is very excited. I wish him the best, wherever his travels take him.

That was yesterday.

Today was laid back, touristy. Awesome Saturday.  Siteseeing around the city, lots of pics, amazing food and about to get a nap.

I’ll update on my goings ons and  observations for today’s church visits (we crashed a wedding!) and site seeing  later this evening.

I am keeping a list of things in my phone as we wander.

One of the sweetest things I’ve see here: Men hold their children’s hands. A 12 or 13 year old boy was holding his dad’s hand and it was no big deal. I’ve seen it a handful of other times, all with older kids. It seems the concept of masculinity is different here. I’m totally digging it.

Okay a few other items of note:

Children drink from wine glasses.

Families carry their babies more often than use strollers

lunch will literally last all atfternoon.

stoplights go yellow before they turn green.

drivers do not blast music from their car windows.

no road rage.

homeless men adopt the homeless dogs so there are no real strays.

And I see what was meant about the throwback clothing. It’s not blatant, but the cartoon characters are here. The mickey and off color sayings. Misfit t-shirts and tattoos and gauged ears are more prevalent.

Off to naptime.

Oh, I got my tattoo. ❤


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