Thursday morning Castle and Culture

17 May

Had a castle tour this morning!


many observations.

Most recently on the train back from our Castle visit:

the children here are provided with more organic educational tools. The toy stores are filled with bright colors and shapes….wooden carved toys, puzzels, books, interconnected items, I don’t know what they do. But they look like they would actually stimulate brain development rather than just talking at them.

That is something we do here in America that I don’t like so much. We take a passive educational stance when it comes to our youth. A video game, a tv program, a light up toy made of plastic, metal and various chemical components will teach our children everything they need to know. Maybe. But something feels shallow about it.

Here, there are constant troupes of children with their classes going on museum/gallery/concert/park trips. They use the buddy system (yay sencond grade memories!) and wear neon saftey vests. It’s quite cute.

On the train the teacher was talking to them. Using the same tone we do when having a conversation with a collegue. I had no clue what she was saying, but it wasn’t said in the pleading tone we often use with American 5 year olds. She kept a watchful eye, but let them choose their own seats–decision making skills in development. We don’t promote that until it’s honestly too late. Our decision making skills should have been developed long before college. It’s a wonder we function at all.

She was holding educational coloring material. It is more detailed and realistic than our children coloring guides. It was also of a musician and his supporting orchestra. It was a decent drawing, but I was struck by the content–a real situation– and the presentation–on an adult level.

We tend to baby things in America. Mickey Mouse and Dora and themed parties, I haven’t noticed any child wearing a character item of clothing. They dress like miniature adults. They seem to handle themselves as such also.

The only child I have heard acting out in public was a tourists kid. The natives are well behaved, seemingly bright, and thin. No obese children here either.

I’ve seen some fat men. The women in this part of town are all slim and lovely. They wear their heels on these cobblestone streets like it ain’t no thang. lol.

On an education front, they do have an Occupy Prague movement. Like Atlanta the homeless were the main long term attendees. The citizens don’t stay focused very long on any particular cause, but they did have decent support for the ACTA opposition. It was similar to our SOPA. The government is trying to control pirating and internet usage in a more efficient way, but the Czech population thinks that the internet and all its content (movies, music photos) should be free to everyone, as i understand it.


Free afternoon for me. I am getting a tattoo.


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