Jazzboat journey

16 May

Our wake up call was a few minutes ago.  We are to meet in the lobby for our bus ride to Bohemian Crystal at 7:20 today so we are scrambling to get ready. Last night was an excursion deeper into the city for a Jazz boat tour of the city with a dinner.

That was quite a treat. I am learning a little bit about how to get around here. I ventured off by myself at one point in the afternoon hoping to find a gym that the receptionist of our hotel said we could use for $15 a day. A bit pricey, but as the food here has been exceptional, it’s a necessary evil. I didn’t find the gym, but some other important landmarks came into focus and I have a vague notion in my head of where I am and how to get about. It really is a safe city.

The jazzboat was lovely.  The band was great! I wish they had a CD available for sale, I had my money ready to go! My camera died before I got any good pictures of the city, but my compadres say they will upload theirs at some point. So. 🙂


This city has gorgous streets. No crime to speak of, and no strays. The night walk home was very pretty.

It’s interesting to be in a city at night and not hear the constant wail of sirens.


But it is refreshing.


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