Pre-Departure class

11 May

As I attempt to begin this final case study before our trip abroad, I am being schooled in history.

In class this evening, we had the honor of meeting John Parkerson, Honorary Consulate General of Hungary.  Attorney, professor, public speaker: there doesn’t seem to be much this guy doesn’t do. Except draft divorce papers. He’s strictly International Business.  He made a point of this in class, so I’ll make a point of it here! Linkin Profile

Anywho, we learned that Government officials like to kickback and relive the glory days of their youth by playing in a Government Garage Band. Members from the Korean Consulate, the NSA, even the Hungarian Ambassador himself, pull on jeans, grab a beer and rock out in the “basement” of D.C. I love the visual of balding 40 somethings jamming to ZZ Top. It makes me smile.

The music is for a good cause, though. They frequent benefits for various aide groups and organizations in the political scene. We learned that music leads to Honorary Consolate positions, and Consulate positions lead to personal parking spaces at the airport! I tell you, music makes the world go round.

It was a friendly, laid back session tonight. 

There was a moment in class, when we either were afraid to speak up (me) or didn’t know the answer (again, me.)

The initial cause of WWI.

Cameron and I have discussed this over wine many an evening.

I remembered “Ferdinand.” But Disney had a cartoon and a book, “Ferdinand the Bull” who was from Spain.

And as we sat there in class, I was frantically trying to make the connection between Spain and WWI. Yeah…


In my embarrassed silence when I realized my incorrect mental process, I thought, why does’t Disney make history cartoons? Anastasia was a hit (a Don Bluth film, not Disney), and while children don’t understand all the politics behind that revolution, they remember the Rominov family, Rasputin, a possibly lost daughter, fuzzy hats, and a cartoon number with a bat, Bartok. The general stuff is there!

Disney could help millions of school kids learn the basics of history and add to their clearly dried up reservoir of movie magic materials. Add a princess or two, a love triangle, the story of a youngster trying to make it in then Austria-Hungary with a squirrel sidekick and you’ve got an entire population primed and interested in history. I tell you there is potential here!   

Alright. That is enough of that.


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